N Mahalingam Tamil Research Grant Scheme

NMTRC is taking a step on the path to its profound objectives, by announcing the Research Grants on this Memorial Day of our beloved Chairman Arutchelvar N. Mahalingam. The purpose of the Grant is to facilitate the Tamil enthusiasts, students, scholars, researchers, etc. to explore in their respective fields of interest and to bring fulfilment of their aspirations and present imperative outputs to Tamil, its culture and attributes.

Activities supported by Grant

The researches or ventures shall be notable approaches, new and freshhand ventures and groundbreaking paradigms for the community. They can be as follows:

  • Doctorate in Philosophy & Doctorate in Literature
  • Creation of Research papers
  • Release of Publications
  • Travel compositions
  • Short films related to Tamil, Culture and Community
  • Documentation – photography, videos related as above
  • Conduct of Events on History, Civilization, Language, Culture

Areas of Grant

The Areas of work can either be

  • “Medicines” such as Siddha or ancient
  • “Archaeology” related to Tamil History and civilization
  • “Tamil and Technology” which should be advantageous to the community
  • Any area which is very interesting, different and best to the favour or growth or knowledge of the community.

The Grant

The Grant shall be Rs.10 Lakhs for a tenure of year, which shall be given on the basis of various subjects, reach, quality, sequels and considerations. This grant can be varying depending upon the need, quality, venture, efforts and people, etc.

By and large, following are the soft boundaries for the grants which can be pliable or changeable in accordance with need and merits of the activities and its effects, contributed by the candidates.


Soft Boundary of Grant – Rs. In Lakhs

Doctorate in Philosophy


Creation of Research papers


Release of Publication


Travel Compositions (National or International)


Short Films related to Tamil, its Culture and Community


Documentation – Photography, Videos related to the above


Conduct of Events on History, Civilization, Language and Culture



The researchers or enthusiasts, interested in the above, can apply online in this website, by filling out the details within prescribed time and manner. The information about time and application will be available in this website by end of October 2020.

Methodology of Selection

All applications will be considered and studied and decided by the selective expert panel and candidates will be called upon for the interview. The decision of the panel will be final, and the candidates selected will be granted with the workable funds based on needs and importance.

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